JDM Japan Travel Tipps

One year of stagnation, one year of silence and being at home.. goes to the end! To enjoy the possibility of travel through the world and find great automotive experiences we have the intension to present you some of our favorite automotive spots in Japan! Feel pure JDM and enjoy your trip. I dont want to rank these, so feel free to decide by yourself, whats best! You can be sure, travel to the land of the rising sun brings the heart of every car enthusiasts to smile.

Tokyo’s Parking Spots

Daikoku Futo

One of the most common and famous spots in Japan is Daikoku Futo Parking between Yokohama and Tokyo. This spot is a highway rest and parking spot with bridges and the wangan like a twister around it. It is only reachable by car and very interesting on sunday morning and weekend evening. Best time is 6-9 pm, because a lot of times the police will close the parking spot earlier. A big thing for me is respect, because you are the foreigner and tourist, so take photos you want, talk to the guys, but be respectful.

Tatsumi No 1

The other famous spot near to Daikoku is the Tatsumi Parking No 1. It has an awesome view of Tokyo by night due to its higher location. This place is an express way parking as well. So catch a ride, for example at Nissan Rent a Car, (we had a Nissan Cube), and enjoy the weekend in Tokyo. Drive with other on the Rainbow Bridge and some laps on the C1 Loop at midnight! Nothing is better to enjoy the local and colorful tuning scene of Tokyo!

Tokyo’s Car Showcases

Megaweb Toyota City Showcase

We stay in Tokyo and come to a more official place. The Megaweb Toyota City Showcase. This one is an underdog among the others, because you will feel the spirit of decades in it. You will find more than only Toyotas. The cars are mixed brands and the showroom is great. A mixture of a shopping center and a JDM museum.

Nissan Crossing

Tokyo is full of things to visit and when i mean full ohh yes you need time in this mega city. Nissan enthusiast maybe are more interested in the Nissan Crossing to see the newest prototypes and buy some GTR or Nismo merch in the upper level.

The japanese culture involves the car in a lot of different kinds. Touge battles, drifting, racing, itasha cars, customizing, mangas, animes and more. To see race cars like the Raybrig NSX and other awesome ones you have to go to … yes…racetracks!

Race Tracks to visit

Motegi Twinring and Honda Collection Hall

One nice area is the Motegi Twinring in Tochigi. You will find a parcours, a lot of different tracks, the main course, something to eat, a small gift shop and the Honda Collection Hall! Now you know the reason for the Honda CRX del sol motegi edition! So you have two points of interest in one. The museum is for free and shows you the essence of Hondas development startet by ZERO. Also interesting for engineers and entrepreneurs.

Rennstrecke in Japan

Fuji Speedway

Another awesome place and one of my favorites is the Fuji Speedway near Gotemba in Shizuoka. The race track is not as big as other ones, but the location is awesome and the spirit of this empty legendary place feels mystery. You pay once and can enjoy the whole area, looking at the drift- and gymkhana course, restaurant, shop or just look at the cars on the parking place. The best is hear the music all over the place and feel the sound of the engines driving on the straight. The Toyota/Lexus development area is also visible!

If you are interested in this kind of experience, you will find a lot of other tracks like Suzuka Circuit in the South near Kyoto or the smaller Honjo Circuit close to Gunma.

Tuning Shops

Since car related hobbies are very common in Japan, there are some very cool shops you have to visit! One of them are the Upgarage stores, which are big shops especially for used JDM car parts…awesome!! isnt it? You find them in a lot of different cities. A big one is the UpGarage Megastore in Kyoto. Locals say these are expensive, but compared to our locals prices it was great! Small and famous tuning shops like Seeker, J’s Racing or Spoon are worth a visit, when you are around Yokohama or Tokyo as well!

Dz Racing Cafe Garage is a small (Tuning) Shop in Gunma and worth a visit. Grab an iced tea, read some tuning magazines (if you are able to do that, otherwise watch some pictures) and enjoy the atmosphere. English is not very common here, but try hard and you will get something to drink :).

Car and JDM Museums

Toyota Museum

If you are near Nagoya and interested in Toyota’s story, total quality management, car manufacturing or whatever, try the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology. It’s a 16min walk from the Nagoya main station and empty most of the time!

It is also possible for a limited number of people to enjoy a real guided tour of Toyota City, but you need good luck and patience to be one of them.

Ikaho Toys and Cars Museum / Initial D

When i say Gunma… i think the most of you will think about Touge, Initial D, Mount Akina and Tofu! And yes you will find all of it at the right spots. I really can recomment the Ikaho Toys, Dolls and Cars Museum as a secret. Your InitialD and JDM dreams will come true, when you walk among Hakosuka Skylines, Takumis AE86 and a 2000GT. Plus, it’s the strangest place you’ll ever be. Find out!

Feel the JDM and drive yourself

Common Rent-a-Car

Go to the next Toyota Rent-a-car, our was in Takasaki Gunma, rent an 86 and explore Gunma at night. Especially the Route 33, the Haruna and Akagi Touges or the Usui Pass. You will experience real touge battles, so attention please! In Tokyo you have some 24/7 Nissan Rent-A-Cars to drive the Loop or to the places mentioned above! We had a NIssan Cube in Tokyo, a Nissan Note in Shizuoka, a GT86 in Gunma and even more !

JDM Car Rental and Tour FUN2DRIVE Japan

This sweet little car rental shop has an awesome number of incredible cars. You can book three different tours in your favorite JDM car. Takumis AE86 ? or an Honda NSX? .. mhh maybe the new Supra? Everything is possible! As you can imagine, it’s not cheap but still bang for the buck when compared to the experience! This is near Hakone and drives around Mt Fuji and the Yamanaka Lake.